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Agnes is a Cretan business that produces wellness products, mainly using beeswax and other different herbs from Crete. It was established in 2017, independently and has been making gradual and stable progress, since. It has a great acceptance from the public, due to the unique fragrance of its products.The company always involves, by changing the ingredients of the products, for the best possible results. The main goal of the company is to create Cretan products, without the any added chemical substances.  It is based in Rethymno, Crete, but has affiliate companies all around Greece, especially the Northern part. The products can be delivered all over Greece as well as abroad.


Vitamin A belongs in the category of fat soluble
vitamins. It is the most important vitamin for our eyes and more. It can be
miraculous for a dull and tired skin.

When it gets in contact with the skin, it 


Vitamin E is famous for its anti-aging properties and it is particularly effective in protection against sun exposure, as it reduces wrinkles and generally all signs of aging.  This is because it has a strong antioxidant effect, which means that it shields our cells against the attack from free radicals.

Coenzyme Q10

The coenzyme Q10, known as ubiquinone, is a fat soluble substance which plays an important role in energy production in the mitochondrion of the human cells. Through the years the levels of Q10 decrease, other reasons may be anxiety or other morbid conditions, which cause a decrease of energy production. That is why taking a supplement is helpful to fight against premature aging and stay healthy.


1)      WRONG: We don’t use sunscreen during the first days of summer or holidays, when we still aren’t tanned.
RIGHT: White skin types are less protected against the harmful sun radiation. That means that we need more protection in the first days of our holidays when we are not tanned.

Our skin will get tanner even if we use a high protection sunscreen. We should start with a high protection sunscreen and then when we get tanner, we can use a lower one if we want. When we tan gradually, the tan will last for longer. Sudden sun exposure can increase the likelihood of skin cancer more than a gradual exposure to the sun.


Chamomile is a famous herb. Its genus includes more than 70 varieties. It is known in Europe and North Asia, in cultivated fields, gardens, hillsides, in temperature zones. For the common chamomile type, the flowers are divided in different ‘heads’ and look like a daisy. Its name means apple (mile < milo=apple in Greek) which is on the ground (chamo = down on the ground in Greek). It is an herbaceous plant and lives just for one year. It is an aromatic and medicinal plant. Its height can reach up to 60cm with pteroidal leaves and little white flowers. It has a smooth stem and many branches. It thrives in places with calciferous, neutral or slightly alkaline grounds and needs heat and sunlight.

The right way to use sunscreen

A few people know about this, but we all make a few mistakes on the
application of sun protection as well as our habits when we want to get a nice
summer tan at the beach. You can find some advice on the right way to tan,

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