Vitamin A belongs in the category of fat soluble
vitamins. It is the most important vitamin for our eyes and more. It can be
miraculous for a dull and tired skin.

When it gets in contact with the skin, it
softens discolorations, it reduces brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

It has the
quality to rejuvenate the skin. In addition it accelerates the cell metabolism,
it activates the production of collagen and boosts the deeper layers of the


It reduces the risk of

In the places that
sebaceous glands exist (face, back, breast), they get covered by dead skin and
oils. Those glands are on the hair follicle on our skin and they produce sebum,
an oily and waxy substance that keeps our skin oily and waterproof.

The exact role that Vitamin A plays in the
development and treatment of acne stays unclear. It has been suggested that the
lack of Vitamin A can increase the risk of acne, as it can cause overproduction
of keratin on your hair follicle.


What happens when we apply Vitamin A topically

It smoothes wrinkles

It evens out the skin tone and gives glow.

It fights against acne.



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