The right way to use sunscreen

A few people know about this, but we all make a few mistakes on the
application of sun protection as well as our habits when we want to get a nice
summer tan at the beach. You can find some advice on the right way to tan,

  1. Sun protecting creams have to be applied 20 – 30 minutes before our exposure to the sun, that means even before we depart from home.
  2. We should not forget to use sun protection in all areas that are exposed to the sun, even on the neck and ears.
  3. We should try to evenly cover the skin so we can have a good and even protection.
  4. It is better to avoid sun exposure between 12:00 – 16:00.
  5. Reapply approximately every 2 hours.
  6. If we swim or sweat (eg playing rackets) we should apply the cream again, even if we did less than 2 hours ago.
  7. We use the sun protecting cream even if in some case we think that we are safe (eg in the car, under the umbrella etc). The reflection on buildings, sea, sand etc can bring back some of the sun radiation.
  8. White skin types need more protection as they naturally have less protection against the sun.
  9. We should be careful with sun protecting cream’s expiry dates.
  10. Sun protecting creams can go bad if they are exposed to heat and sun. When we notice spoilage or separation on the substance of the cream, we shouldn’t use it.
  11. If we notice any skin reaction, eg redness, we should stop the use of the cream immediately.
  12. For use on the face and around the eyes, only use sunscreen that is suitable for the face and eyes.
  13. To avoid sun related aging signs around the eyes, photokeratitis, conjunctivitis we should use a hat and dark sunglasses.
  14. We should use sunscreen even on a cloudy day.



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