It is a conditioning substance with hygroscopic properties, and it is mainly used as a moisturizer for the skin. Elastin is an undiluted protein and it comes from mammals. Purified elastin has a pale yellow color, which is fluorescent under ultraviolet light and it changes to light blue. It has the form of a solution. It is the only polymeric substance that keeps its elastic properties, even in the water. So it can still expand without falling apart.

The products (lotion or cream) that contain organic elastin extract from hydrolysis, have as main indications:

  • The prevention of wrinkles on the face.
  • The firming of the skin on the body.
  • The elimination of stretch marks.
  • Creams for normal or mature skin.
  • Hair beauty products, as due to its low molecular weight, it is easy to penetrate keratin.

Beauty products usually combine elastin with collagen. Elastin differs from collagen as it consists only from the one forth or third of the amount of basic amino acids, one tenth of the amount of hydroxyproline and a higher amount of valine and amino acids. Both of those basic substances of the skin, are getting reduced and degenerated, by aging and sun light.


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