Chamomile is a famous herb. Its genus includes more than 70 varieties.
It is known in Europe and North Asia, in cultivated fields, gardens, hillsides,
in temperature zones. For the common chamomile type, the flowers are divided in
different ‘heads’ and look like a daisy. Its name means apple (mile <
milo=apple in Greek) which is on the ground (chamo = down on the ground in
Greek). It is an herbaceous plant and lives just for one year. It is an
aromatic and medicinal plant. Its height can reach up to 60cm with pteroidal
leaves and little white flowers. It has a smooth stem and many branches. It
thrives in places with calciferous, neutral or slightly alkaline grounds and
needs heat and sunlight.


Chamomile contains essential oil, flavonoids, coumarins, choline, tannins,
antimicrobial acid. It also contains silicon, calcium, magnesium and 

Other uses:

It can be used as a make-up remover

It is used as a basic ingredient in many
cosmetic, cleansing and moisturising products.

It can be used for highlights in light
brown or blonde hair types, if you use the German drinking chamomile after
rinsing when you wash your hair.

It can calm and relief intense emotional

It helps against insomnia, worrying and
neurological tension.

It helps to
calm you in cases of stress, migraines, neuralgia and dizziness when at the
same time it is antispasmodic.

It helps in
healing wounds, burns and it sooths eczema symptoms.

It has a strong effect
against different inflammations, including intestinal infections, eye, skin and
bowel inflammation, mouth ulcer, gum disease.

It boosts the immune
system. It increases the production of white cells which help the function of
the immune system.

It has a strong
antiseptic and anti-irritant action, as well as an action again infection of
the stomach, which protects it from ulcers.

It has important
actions against fever and allergies.

It is an emmenagogue
herb and helps with menstrual pain. In cases of gynecological issues, like
cramps, chamomile can sooth the pain. Even in cases of vaginitis, chamomile
washes can sooth the symptoms.

It alleviates the pain
of children’s teething and rheumatic pains.

Chamomile decoction
can help with bloating and annoying gas, as well as sooth the symptoms of
irritable bowel syndrome. 

It reduces the levels
of sugars in the blood and increases the glycogen storage in the liver. This
helps with regulating hyperglycemic and diabetic symptoms.

It increases appetite
in cases of anorexia.

It can be helpful in
cases of hyperactive and restless children.

It helps against
gingivitis (and oral thrush) and it can be used for eye washes (in cases of
pain in the eyes or barley eye). It can reduce dark eye circles and puffiness
around the eyes.


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